Endodontic treatment helps to preserve natural teeth and to destroy microorganisms in root channels system.




Timely performed endodontic treatment ensures the vitality of a tooth ant root for a long while.

In order to assess the treatment process and quality, a number of x-ray pictures is made. Our clinic uses an advanced radiovisiograph so the result can be seen at once in a computer display. Even 90% lower x-ray intensiveness than doing a regular x-ray picture.

The most common cause of bacteria getting in is dental decay through which bacteria get into the soft part inside the tooth that is called pulp.

Chemically and mechanically prepared root channels are filled with biologically compatible material which is called gutta-percha.



Our clinic uses for channel filling a cold gutta-percha condensation way and the most up-to-date in nowadays practice the thermoplastic gutta-percha (Thermofil) filling technique. We also use the most advanced auxiliary means to determine the root channel length.