Mouth cavity hygiene is mouth cavity maintenance, dental deposit removal in order to prevent diseases caused by deposits. It is classified as personal and professional mouth hygiene.


Professional mouth hygiene is hygiene procedures during which mineralized and non-mineralized deposits are removed, dental and filling surfaces are polished, patients are taught about personal hygiene, curative measures (e.g. fluorine) applications are performed. Professional cleaning in our clinic is done using Air-Flow system.





This way effectively cleans soft deposits, pigments caused by smoking, coffee, black tee or coloring foodstuff products consuming. Special soda powder with strong water and compressed air flow is used for that.


Mineralized deposits (stones) above the gums and below them are removed with ultrasound device.





If it contains much of stones, removing all at once might be impossible. It’s done in a few sessions. After the deposits are removed, remedial and reanimating measure applications can be done. Performance frequency of professional hygiene procedure depends on patient’s personal hygiene quality, accumulation intensiveness of deposits and stones. Having taken these factors into consideration, professional hygiene is done 1-4 times a year.


Professional teeth’s cleaning is not enough. Teeth need permanent care!


Personal mouth hygiene is daily mouth cavity maintenance which is done by any person using personal hygiene means. It’s very important to teach children since their childhood about proper personal mouth hygiene; develop and create the habits and skills. Parents and their actions have a big impact. An odontologist or mouth hygienist can only advise, encourage.


The main personal mouth hygiene method is brushing one’s teeth two times a day in order to remove the deposit, food remnants to prevent their dangerous impact for mouth cavity tissue. Our clinic will advise you, and you will be able to acquire personal mouth hygiene means: toothbrushes, hygiene threads (flosses), interdental brushes, rinsing liquids, different toothpastes, mouth cavity irrigators.


Proper mouth cavity hygiene is the main road to a healthy and nice smile!