Teeth prosthetics is urgent in order to eliminate the teeth row defects, change the shape of teeth, direction, and color. The newest design technologies enable to produce extra esthetic and firm replacements. Our clinic can offer all type the most contemporary removable and irremovable prostheses.


Metal ceramic replacements were long time the most popular ones. Such prostheses are very strong and have a long life cycle. However the inside of metal ceramic is made of metal which doesn’t conduct light. Making prostheses especially of front teeth might make them look unnatural. A darker area (black line) might also emerge around the metal ceramic crown. Metal can as well trigger some problems in your mouth – gum inflammations, allergy.



Non-metal ceramic


Non-metal replacements excel ordinary metal ceramic. It conducts light (like natural teeth), and the esthetics is incomparable.


Dantų protezavimasEstetinis protezavimas

Physical qualities of ceramic are close to the ones of a natural tooth. Non-metal prostheses are made from porcelain which does not cause allergic reactions, is comparably strong and resistant to wear and tear.


We can offer for today zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide instead of metal crown and bridges carcass.


Dantu protezavimas, cirkonis

It’s a very strong material that sometimes is called ceramic steel, so it can be used both for individual and large dental defects restorations.


Zirconium ceramic prostheses are well tolerated by the body; do not cause allergic reactions, any changes in gums.


Dantu protezavimas

Zirconium oxide carcass is designed in computer assisted milling way. It is light weighting, strong and light conductive enough in order to produce a look of a natural tooth.


Porcelain veneers

Usually porcelain veneers are used to improve front teeth color, shape, to hide old filling replacements, to restore the height of teeth or to close wide spaces between teeth.


Dantu protezavimas, venyraiDantu protezavimas, venyrai

It‘s very thin and transparent porcelain veneers that are put only on the front surface of a tooth. It is a minimal intervention to the dental tissue during which maximal esthetics is preserved.

Dantu protezavimas, porcel venyrai

Dental clasps

These prostheses belong to removable prostheses group. They are produced by casting and fixed to the installed strong teeth hooks or by using a special lock. Dental clasps are strong; they are stable in mouth, esthetic enough and rather comfortable for a patient.


Prostheses on implants

It can be done after 3-4 months since the implant is fixed in. Metal ceramic or non-metal ceramic constructions can be used for prostheses along with zirconium oxide carcass.